PQC was founded in Geestland in 2015 by business economist and master of industry Mr. Tim Ritzinger. The focus of his service lies in the assessment of new vehicles and heavy goods during transport which are handled in the ports.

Over the past 25 years, he has gained experience in this area of ​​inspecting new vehicles for Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and the world’s largest automobile inspector, Unicar GmbH.

Since its inception, Mr. Ritzinger has worked very closely with one of the largest shipping companies in the RORO business. In the areas of technology, support and in the training of its staff, PQC applies and lives a very high quality standard.

Customers like to claim that PQC is the world leader in this area.

PQC has the approval of the largest OEMs Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and VW to be used as an appraiser and works closely with BLG Logistics.

Procedure for inspecting new vehicles:

The vehicle inspection consists of checking the vehicle surface and the interior. Here, increased attention is paid to damage to the paint surfaces, the lack of equipment in the interior and the battery check in BEV/PHEV cars. If the appraiser determines relevant damage, this is recorded on a tablet via an app-controlled application and transmitted to the customer. The software to be used was developed by PQC and is unrivaled to this day.

Customers know the condition of the vehicle to be shipped in a timely manner and are thus free from recourse claims by third parties or trigger follow-up processes with the manufacturers or Terminals.

Other lines of business:

PQC operates a warehouse for ship materials for recycling. Mr. Ritzinger had the idea for this at the beginning of 2020 and offered it to his customers.

The savings potential for customers is enormous, since the material previously had to be disposed off at high cost and new goods had to be purchased. The reclamation offers customers not only high savings but also a „green footprint“ in this area.

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